Video Surveillance

No matter the size of your business, you can start protecting your valuable assets with VTG’s flexible video surveillance solutions.

Streamlined Video Surveillance System

Extend your always-on presence with VTG’s proactive surveillance, proudly powered by Comm-Core. Providing 24/7 monitoring of your business’s critical infrastructure, we deliver real-time alerts triggered by unauthorized access so you can be confident your business is secured. Harnessing the prowess of cloud technology, our systems promise superior video clarity at a fraction of the cost of conventional security solutions. As your business flourishes, our flexible cloud infrastructure adapts seamlessly, ensuring you’re always a step ahead. Plus, with the convenience of online access, keep an eye on your business from anywhere, anytime.

Cloud-Based Streaming

Harness the power of the cloud for seamless, high-quality video streaming, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Customized Recording

Choose between uninterrupted recording or motion-triggered captures, ensuring you never miss a moment.

Commercial-Grade Systems

Invest in top-tier, durable camera systems designed specifically for the demands of commercial environments.

Flexible Security Solutions

At VTG, we understand that your business is unique. That’s why we build a physical security system customized to protect against industry-specific threats. We currently offer three types of video surveillance systems to fit your business’s exact needs:

1. Complete on-premises surveillance

2. Hybrid surveillance (on-premises system backed up to the cloud)

3. Comprehensive hosted surveillance (all data stored on the cloud)

Cost Efficient

Our cloud-based solutions often come at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems, offering high-quality surveillance without breaking the bank.

Enhanced Security

Provide your business with an added layer of protection, safeguarding employees, customers, and assets.

Data Collection

Surveillance footage serves as concrete evidence in case of disputes, thefts, or legal matters.

Access Control

Physical security can restrict unauthorized access to sensitive areas, ensuring only permitted personnel enter.

Cloud-Based Surveillance Advantage

VTG’s surveillance systems offer your business the following advantages:

  • Security cameras can be a deterrent to stop crime before it happens
  • Cloud storage allows you to keep more digital video without tying down your existing data storage systems
  • If a crime does occur, cloud video systems allow for clearer videos that can provide law enforcement with more detail
  • Quality assurance
  • Employee monitoring and safety