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Managed Services & Cybersecurity

Comprehensive IT management bolstered by robust cybersecurity protections. We pride ourselves on providing holistic IT solutions to best serve your organization’s needs. From administering to encrypting, we can oversee and manage every step of the process to ensure the security, compliance, and equity of your systems. Get in touch to learn about our utility bundles, custom portals, API integrations, and FERPA compliance. 


Advanced monitoring systems for real-time security insights. Extend your always-on presence with VTG’s proactive surveillance. Providing 24/7 monitoring of your business’s critical infrastructure, we deliver real-time alerts triggered by unauthorized access so you can be confident your business is secured.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Streamlined tracking and optimization from asset acquisition to disposal. Through our modern, state-of-the-art fulfillment center, we offer hardware procurement, full storage, imaging, kitting, user customization, delivery, reclamation, and recycling of your business’s devices. Our team of trained experts will image, set up, and handle tech issues for all devices within the required window, or, in some cases, when a 24-hour turnaround is necessary.


Crystal-clear voice communication with seamless connectivity. As an enterprise-class VoIP provider, we tailor our solutions to meet your business goals. We incorporate a hybrid approach to allow users to select the device that’s right for them: physical phone, Microsoft Teams, softphone, or a combination of end points. Our texting application enhances timely response, while our reporting and functionality feature sets allow you to share key metrics and analytics within your organization.