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Technology isn’t simply the cool new thing; it’s an educational tool.

Students today are surrounded by technology. From an early age, they use touch screens, educational computers, and toys designed to prepare them for a life touched by technology. Mastery of technology skills has become an important goal for educators, which is why testing methods have grown to accept it when evaluating students.


But there has to be a level playing field, and the challenge for online testing is to ensure all students are evaluated without any unfair advantages or issues. While the thought of administering a test online is daunting to some educators, VTG has a reputation for providing the right technology to solve a wide range of issues—and this includes secure, fair educational testing technology. 

We Provide a Cost-effective Way to Test Students Securely

School budgets are always tight. Money is needed for transportation, sanitation, meals, activities, and so much more that resources are scarce for secure testing materials. But VTG can provide the latest in virtual education systems at a cost your institution can manage. If the commitment or cost of these systems is a concern for you, we offer the option to try them out hassle-free with our equipment rental program. 

We Supply the Kits You Need for Standardized Testing

Your school should be comfortable using the technology we provide for your testing needs. This is why we handle every aspect, from hardware to software, to provide a turnkey testing solution that uses only the best possible technology.


Durable, cutting edge hardware – Our laptops, mice, headsets, and headphones are matched perfectly to their intended use. They’re tested for compatibility and are durable enough to handle many semesters of use.


Compatible software – Our solutions don’t stop at hardware. Our technicians can install and optimize any software you need.

Safe, secure operation – We handle all security and network connections. We’ll make sure everything is set up for your system so you don’t have any questions about your new hardware, and this includes maintenance, patching, and system updates. Now you can administer your tests in a totally secure and reliable environment. 

Safety and Security Are Our Primary Goal

With VTG as your technology partner, you can test your students with complete confidence. All of our technicians have undergone complete background checks and are thoroughly trained in all aspects of educational software and online testing. We do whatever it takes to make sure you and your students are comfortable with the testing environment we provide. 


If your institution is looking for a secure, reliable online testing option, contact VTG today. 

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