Vendor Management

When you partner with VTG, we’ll leverage our vendor connections to find you the best values in the industry.

Vendor Relationships

Rapid advancement in technology along with the evolution of your business needs can make it difficult to stay up to date on the tech that is required for your company to prosper. When you factor managing vendor relationships into the mix, you’ll soon realize that having a dedicated vendor management system is essential to maximizing your budget. Strong vendor relationships are the key to ensuring you can count on reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective vendor performance.

VTG has the industry experience and connections you need to expand your vendor resources and keep you a step ahead of tech trends. When you partner with VTG, you’ll already have the tech you need to stand out before your competitors are even aware of it.

71% of IT leaders say they spend up to half of their total budget on external IT and service providers.

If you’re already spending a significant portion of your IT budget on outside resources, VTG can work with our network of vendors to make each dollar do more.

Vendor Resource Management

Even after you’ve acquired the equipment you need from vendors, there’s still a lot that has to be done to ensure the reliability and performance of your systems. These needs can range from tracking and installing patches and updates to staying ahead of license renewals. VTG can keep track of all of that for you, saving you the time and resources to prioritize your day-to-day business operations. We’ll monitor what your hardware needs to run at peak performance in real time. And when you need to upgrade your physical equipment, our location near a major distribution hub means we can implement those upgrades quickly and efficiently.

When working with multiple vendors, it can be a struggle to keep track of vendor contacts when you merely have a question or something goes wrong. As your vendor management solution, we’ll handle those tricky contacts, so you will only have to deal with a single point of contact: the industry experts at VTG. With us, you’ll be able to focus on taking care of your customers instead of the hassle of managing third-party vendor relationships. At the same time, when used in unison with our other managed services, VTG gives you the advantage of establishing genuinely symbiotic relationships with your vendors.

Long-Term Advantages

Beyond simply mitigating risk and providing you with more reliable supplier relationships, vendor management can also offer a number of cost-saving advantages, including:

  1. Stretching the value of your dollar
    Because we can order in larger quantities from select vendors, you’ll have access to more cost-effective price tiers.
  2. Reduced shipping costs
    With increased order quantity, suppliers often offer lower shipping costs.
  3. Higher quality offerings
    By selectively leveraging vendors, we can guarantee you are getting the best that vendors have to offer for your dollar.

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