What Exactly Is the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things (IoT) services by Virtual Technologies Group

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is revolutionizing the way we work and live by bringing internet-connected devices into common usage for a number of tasks. But this isn’t limited to mobile devices and computers. It seems like everything is connected to the internet these days.

IoT and Your Workplace

At the most basic level, a device is a part of the IoT when its on/off switch is connected to the internet. For example, if the coffee maker in your lobby can be activated on your way to work via your phone to have coffee waiting for you when you arrive, that coffee maker is a part of the IoT. Continue reading to see some real-world IoT examples.

Internet of Things Applications

The above is an example of people-to-thing communications, but it doesn’t stop there. Process automation is the name of the game here. What if, instead of you commanding your coffeemaker to activate, it happened automatically? IoT could enable your car, as you leave for work, to notify the coffee maker that you are on the way, and coffee could be ready for you without any input from you. Here’s another example: professional cleaners at a residential cleaning company fill up their cleaning liquids every morning for the day. When these tanks of liquid reach below 20% capacity, they might automatically order fresh supplies that will arrive the next morning. These situations range from mundane time savers to major process improvements, and more connections are being developed every day.

Consider Security

While the IoT presents a range of opportunities to make personal and business lives easier—automating away many of the mundane tasks that take up valuable free time—it’s important to keep security in mind whenever connecting additional devices to your systems. Hackers will look for any way to get at your data, so be sure to leave no rock unturned. Luckily, professional IT service providers can be contracted to not only find the right solutions for you, but also keep you safe.

Smart Offices to Smart Cities

In time, it is expected that the IoT will transform everything from our workplace to the city in which we live, and eventually beyond it. In some ways, this is already happening as internet-connected devices drive our navigation in traffic. This process is only going to accelerate.

Endless Opportunity

One “problem” with the IoT is that there are seemingly endless potential use cases, and more are being added every day. To take advantage of all of the applications that are constantly being developed, it’s important to leverage the expertise of IT professionals at IoT companies, like those at Virtual Technologies Group. Connect with us if you are looking for ways to leverage IoT solutions for your business or move along the path of your productivity goals.

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