Time Is Running Out For Windows 7

Key Reasons to Update To Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that it is ending most support for the Windows 7 operating system and older versions of some commonly used apps on Jan. 14, 2020. There is still time to prepare and solutions are available.

What the End of Support Really Means for You

When Microsoft ends its support for the Windows 7 operating system, it’s important to note that, while your systems themselves won’t stop working, they won’t receive the crucial security updates Microsoft is currently pushing out on a regular basis. In other words, without addressing the problem through upgrades or extended support options, your data will be a constant, growing security risk.

Windows 7

Windows 7 debuted on Oct. 22, 2009, and, with support ending on Jan. 14, 2020, it had a pretty good run. For the most part, the support Microsoft offered for the platform included security updates. If you haven’t taken steps to upgrade to Windows 10 (and therefore keep your system secure), time is running low. Luckily, there are still several months left to initiate the upgrade process or consider other options. Whatever you end up deciding, it is worth consulting with an experienced IT provider like Virtual Technologies Group to find the best solution for your operation.

Office 365 and Other Applications

Alongside Windows 7, Microsoft is also ending support for the applications that run on it. You likely use these applications every day—the Office 365 suite of programs, Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1, and Office 2010—but will lose support on Oct. 13, 2020. Other systems you may use, like SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 4, lost support on July 9 of this year. If you are using systems that no longer have support, it is critical that you reach out to your service provider to address the issue.

What Are Your Windows 7 End of Life Options?

If upgrading to Windows 10 in the coming months is out of the question, there are options available for Microsoft’s business clients. Microsoft is offering a Windows 7 Extended Security Update program. This program will incur a fee that will increase every year. While this does allow less agile businesses to gain some flexibility, it’s important to use that flexibility to upgrade. This support program won’t last forever, so it’s important to use that extra time to begin the migration process.

Support for this extension program is scheduled to end in January 2023. That might sound far off, but additional expenses add up and would be put to better use simply upgrading your systems altogether. 

Consider an Upgrade

The experts at Virtual Technologies Group will take a consultative approach to your overall IT system to determine which solution is best for you over the coming months and years. If it is determined that you will need more time to complete an upgrade, VTG can assist you with enrolling in Microsoft’s extended support options. Otherwise, we will manage the upgrade and migration process for you. Connect with us today if you’re looking for more Windows 7 end of life updates.

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