Vulnerability Testing

If you want to take the most proactive approach to protect your network resources, VTG’s vulnerability and penetration testing services point out any weak spots in your system before they can be exploited.

The Importance of Vulnerability Testing

Regular vulnerability testing is essential to maintaining the security of your network. When you partner with VTG, we test every new piece of equipment before we install it on your network. However, with the frequency at which security threats evolve, security experts recommend carrying out vulnerability scans at least quarterly to guarantee the security of your systems. The downside? Scans can take a while to complete and tie up your team members when they have other things to do.

Because we have both an outsider’s and an insider’s look into your business, we can catch vulnerabilities in your network that your in-house team might miss. With VTG’s testing services, you can schedule scans to take place monthly, quarterly, or biannually.

These tests can be scheduled to take place at times when your network traffic is minimal to prevent interference with your daily network operations. We put systems in place that will monitor in real time what your network is doing so we can capture vulnerabilities at their earliest. We then work with you to decide the best course of action to remedy the weakness as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.

VulnerabilityTestingPhoto The Importance of Vulnerability Testing

Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing service performs a simulation of a real attack on your system. This service helps us identify any exploitable vulnerabilities in your network. Penetration testing allows for a more comprehensive, realistic assessment of your network compared to vulnerability tests.

While both vulnerability and penetration testing are vital to guaranteeing the security of your network, penetration tests don’t have to be performed as frequently. However, we still recommend they be performed after implementing new security components, after upgrading or modifying network infrastructure, or after the installation of security patches and updates.

We offer complete network testing to determine the overall strengths and weaknesses of your network. We also provide application-specific testing to guarantee the security of the business-critical applications you run on your network. If you’re mainly concerned about your wireless weaknesses, we offer Wi-Fi network penetration testing to find any exploitable weak spots that could allow cyber criminals backdoor access to your network.

VulnerabilityTestingPhoto Penetration Testing

Comprehensive Reporting

After conducting our vulnerability or penetration testing, we’ll provide your team with a comprehensive report on any exploitable weaknesses we discovered in your network. Our vulnerability analysis will compare our findings with how your overall network security has changed since the last test we conducted. Finally, we’ll work with you to build a solution that strengthens the weak spots in your network so they will no longer present potential points of entry for cyber criminals.

If you’re interested in taking your network security to the next level, contact VTG to schedule a vulnerability or penetration test of your network today.

VulnerabilityTestingPhoto Comprehensive Reporting

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