Managed Network Security

VTG’s managed network security services provide you with a multi-tiered security solution to protect every level of your network.

Our Managed Network Security Solution

VTG’s experts follow the latest trends in cyber security threats, so your network will be ready for anything cyber criminals might throw at it. By combining all of our cyber security measures into one package, our managed network security service offers an all-inclusive solution for all of your network’s security needs. From ransomware attacks to cryptojacking, our managed network security solution provides a multi-faceted approach to ensuring your network’s virtual and onsite security.

Additional features include:

Don’t leave your business-critical data vulnerable to cyber criminals.

With VTG on your team, you’ll be protected from the latest cyber threats to your business.

Comprehensive Security in a Single Box

Each security appliance VTG offers is a step closer to complete security for every user on your network. We have relationships with several vendors to provide devices such as our Cisco Meraki Security Appliances. With fully integrated features such as stateful firewall and Sourcefire Intrusion Prevention System, your network resources will always be protected against attacks. Sourcefire offers the latest in security intelligence features, such as real-time contextual awareness and security automation to build a security solution that’s continually growing stronger.

Cisco Meraki’s content filtering lets users take full advantage of your network’s potential while staying protected from inappropriate or dangerous content. That way your team is guaranteed to maximize productivity while staying protected. Updates are seamlessly installed, ensuring that every device on your network remains protected against the latest threats.

With an intuitive support dashboard included, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s happening on your network in real time. The dashboard lets you observe and control your security devices anytime, anywhere, from any device with an internet connection. You’ll be able to view users, bandwidth demand, and application usage across your network. You’ll even be able to block, shape, and whitelist activity all from the same dashboard.

Every network is a potential target for cyber attacks. Our solutions are flexible and fully scalable to match your network’s unique security requirements. We provide industry-leading, easily configurable security offerings that are fully integrated with the systems you already use. If you have other security needs to consider, such as HIPAA or FINRA requirements, we have the specialized systems to guarantee your network stays compliant. As always, access to our team of tech support experts is included.

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