National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2019 – Some Precautionary Measures

Cyber Security Awareness Month digital calendar

October is National Cybersecurity Month, and according to the Department of Homeland Security, this year’s focus is on personal accountability. At home and at work, it’s always good to consider security best practices when using technology.

Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.

Exactly what is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month? The theme for this year’s cybersecurity awareness month is personal accountability, specifically taking proactive steps to ensure your systems are secure at home and in the workplace. Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT is a good model to live your electronic life by. Don’t wait for others to protect you. The first step is to protect yourself.

Your First Line of Defense

With accountability in mind, it’s important to remember that your own employees (and your personal practices) are your true first line of defense against cyber threats. Having the proper policies in place can virtually eliminate many of the common risks. Things like email best practices or not sharing passwords can make a big difference for your organization. Hackers and the creators of viruses are always looking for a weak spot to exploit. If your employees aren’t your weak side, attackers will have a lot more trouble with your organization.

The Cost of a Breach

Breaches commonly cost businesses tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and ransomware attacks can shut down your systems for hours, days, or longer. Downtime is a critical issue for many business owners because not only are you halted from delivering products or services, but your employees are just sitting there stagnant. By working with cyber security professionals like VTG, you can better prevent data breaches and keep your business up and running instead of closing your doors.

Make Sure Your Systems Are Updated

A common way attackers will infiltrate your system is through unpatched security holes in your software. For example, Windows, Microsoft’s operating system, has a limited life cycle. Support for Windows 7 is ending for most users in January 2020, and without an upgrade, users will be exposed to a range of cyber threats. This is not to single out Windows, though. Old software is one of the most common risks for any company, and it’s important to work with the professionals to keep your operation safe.

Professional Cyber Security Services

Virtual Technologies Group is a cyber security provider of the highest order. If you are looking to protect your company from the wild world of cyber threats and truly act in the spirit of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, give VTG a call. From protecting your systems through monitoring and our managed cyber security services to helping you form a coherent policy position for your organization, we’ve got you covered.

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