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The information technology your Maumee, OH, business uses every day is critical to your daily business operations. Small and medium-size businesses need a trusted managed services provider (MSP) like Virtual Technologies Group to help them make the most out of limited resources. Our goal is to turn your ideas and the vision you have for your business into a reality. Your priorities are our priorities; your goals are our goals. We want to be your long-term IT partner, giving you the technology boost you need to achieve your organizational goals. 

Here are some of our service offerings:

Monitoring and Management

The most popular function of an MSP is providing help and support 24/7. Our Instant Help service allows us to maintain the health of your network for an affordable monthly fee. With VTG you have instant access to an IT professional, so we can get you up and running in no time. 

Cloud Computing

The cloud is the solution when your business wants to accomplish processes more easily, be flexible, and more secure while also saving money. Be more efficient and get more done through our customizable cloud computing options. 

Disaster Recovery

Are you prepared? Cloud-based disaster recovery will protect your critical data so your vital business information, and, by extension, your ability do business, is protected. Our backup services cover all data types from your business’s valuable files, folders, and images to system-critical data. Setup is fast and easy. Automatic backups can be scheduled right away so they’ll happen as frequently as you need, ensuring we will always be able to meet your recovery time objectives.

Security as a Service

With VTG, every aspect of your technology is protected. All businesses are unique because they operate under different constraints, they serve customers with different needs, and they need to abide by different compliance standards. But there is one constant: the need to be secure. VTG will provide the security your business needs and ensure your network’s defenses are prepared to handle any threat you might encounter.

Business Communication 

We specialize in giving your business the ability to communicate. While this seems like a simple proposition, implementing enterprise-wide, manageable, secure communications can be a complicated process. This is where VTG’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video conferencing, email, and internet service offerings can streamline how your organization communicates and collaborates. We also provide training so your staff can pick up these new tools immediately—and you can enjoy their benefits just as quickly. 

Virtual CIO

Imagine how beneficial it would be to have access to the knowledge and experience of a C-level IT professional without the resources it would take to hire one. Our Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) provides you with dedicated professional expertise that integrates seamlessly with your team. Whether you need a supplemental leader for an IT project or you want to build a roadmap for future expansion, our vCIO services offer you the industry expertise to undertake everything from short-term projects to getting a better grasp on your daily IT operations.

Educational Testing

VTG is your digital education expert. Now you can explore the possibilities of virtual education systems. We provide everything your institution needs to offer online classes, use technology better in classroom education, and provide safe, secure computerized testing. Our services take care of hardware, security, updates, testing, training, and all maintenance to provide you with an all-inclusive option that won’t break the budget. 

Server Virtualization

Your existing servers can do so much more. Server virtualization services from VTG will give your infrastructure the flexibility to run multiple operating systems without the need for new hardware. Virtualization may be an excellent option for your business, whether you’re looking to improve network flexibility or you simply want to minimize dedicated server space. Call to action needed below … 

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