Most growth-oriented small businesses will eventually need a CIO. If you’re not quite there yet, let one of our experts step into the vCIO role so you can hit the ground running when you’re ready to take the next step.

vCIO Function

Our virtual CIO (vCIO) service provides you with the dedicated industry experts at VTG, so that we can seamlessly integrate our IT team with your team. Our experts act in every capacity that an in-house CIO would, so you can expect the same level of reliability and comprehensive service as a traditional CIO without the additional investment and commitment. Our vCIO solution can formulate short and long-term IT goals, implement strategic plans, propose budgets, and oversee the installation and maintenance of your hardware. Generally, our vCIO services work most efficiently when operating in conjunction with our other managed services, such as monitoring, support, and data storage.

In short, you can tell us what you need, and we will get it done from start to finish.

Not ready to commit to a long-term or full-time CIO?

Let the experts at VTG leverage our industry connections to ensure that you’re staying ahead of the technology you need to prosper.

Strategic Planning

Whether you simply need a supplemental leader for an IT migration or you want to build a road map for future expansion, our vCIO services offer you the industry expertise to undertake everything from short-term projects to getting a better grasp on your day-to-day IT operations. We’re here to bridge the gap between the vision you have for your business and what technology can do to make that vision a reality. We’ll stay on top of the latest information technology trends and make recommendations to keep you one step ahead of your competitors by maximizing your true technological potential.

The vCIO Advantage

Many small and medium-sized businesses recognize the need for a CIO to stay competitive in today’s market but are not always able to commit to a full-time CIO. Our virtual CIO (vCIO) service gives you that competitive edge while saving you money.

Advantages of our vCIO services include:

  1. Maximizing Your Technology Budget: Business owners generally spend 6% to 10% of revenue on technology. Without a detailed plan, it can be difficult to know where that money is going and how your technology will serve you in the future. With a dedicated vCIO, you can trust that the technology you’re investing in will be the technology you need to prosper and prepare you for tomorrow.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Our vCIO team will take the time to learn and understand your unique business processes and needs—just as an in-house CIO would but at a fraction of the cost. By learning your business inside and out, your vCIO team will be able to leverage specialized equipment and services tailored to your day-to-day business operations. Ultimately, a vCIO will ensure not only that your technology is working, but that it is also working for your bottom line. We have experience across many industries over years of work and have fine tuned this process to ensure top-quality service.
  3. Bulletproof Security: With a dedicated vCIO, you will have a security specialist at your fingertips. By learning the intricacies of your business, a vCIO will be able to recognize and adapt to industry-specific security threats and vulnerabilities. At the same time, a vCIO will ensure all of your systems are working in unison to protect against threats—and they are ready to respond if they do encounter one.

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