Technology as a Service

If you want all of your tech needs taken care of in one place, VTG’s technology as a service solution is for you. All you have to do is pay a monthly fee, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Thinking of Technology as a Service

At VTG, we think of technology as a service (TaaS) as the best way to provide a fully customized technology platform to meet your unique business needs. As the most robust of our service offerings, this essentially combines all our managed services to provide you with one all-inclusive package.

We’ll supply, monitor, protect, and maintain all of the hardware you need. From maximizing your cloud-based applications to streamlining server virtualization, we’ll maximize your network’s performance. On the software side of the operation, we build software fully optimized to work with your day-to-day business operations. We develop this software with flexibility and adaptability in mind so that it can easily be scaled up and down as your business needs evolve.

If you’re looking for the most holistic approach to reaching your full IT potential, our technology as a service model offers your business the most all-encompassing option. We’ll make sure that your IT department stays ahead of your business needs. With VTG providing your technology as a service, you’ll receive all of the benefits of our individual managed service offerings with the streamlined service of only having to work with a single provider.

Our technology as a service function provides you with a complete solution to all of your technology needs. Because we customize our service plan to your needs, you’ll save money by only paying for what you need rather than investing in generic, open-ended servicess that are designed to solve many different problems rather than just yours.

TechnologyasaServicePhoto Thinking of Technology as a Service

Is TaaS a Good Fit for Your Business?

Our technology as a service offering may be an excellent fit for your business if:

  • Your fundamental business operations are rooted in technology that is currently holding you back
  • You are looking for fully customizable IT solutions
  • You want technology that responds to your changing business needs instead of the other way around
  • You want to maximize your IT budget by working with a single point of contact for all of your tech needs
TechnologyasaServicePhoto Is TaaS a Good Fit for Your Business

The VTG Advantage

What distinguishes us from other TaaS providers in the industry is the depth and breadth of our decades of experience in the IT industry. We’ve been around since 1962, adapting and changing to stay on top of the latest tech solutions so you don’t have to. We can do just about everything because we’ve seen just about everything.

Because we don’t just work for you, but with you, we focus on building partnerships. With so many possibilities in the tech industry today, we offer you a single point of contact for all your IT, so you can know your tech needs are taken care of. When you work with VTG, you can be confident that your priorities are our priorities.

TechnologyasaServicePhoto The VTG Advantage

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