Server Virtualization

With VTG’s server virtualization offerings, your business can streamline network performance while minimizing server space.

What Is Server Virtualization?

With our server virtualization service, VTG is able to partition one physical server into a number of different virtual machines. This server can be located onsite at your business or in a data center. Server virtualization is a blossoming technology, and VTG is proud to have the capabilities to maximize the possibilities of virtualization for your business. Virtualization may be an excellent option for your business whether you’re looking to improve network flexibility or you simply want to minimize dedicated server space.

Benefits of Server Virtualization

Server virtualization offers the following benefits:

If your business is looking to address any of these problems, VTG can help you get started today.

Fact or fiction? Virtual server solutions are all the same.

Fiction. Virtualization will look different for every business. Contact VTG today so we can start building a plan to streamline your network.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Solutions

Some businesses want the benefits of virtualization while eliminating physical server space altogether. If this sounds like your business, VPS can build a plan that will give you access to the benefits of virtualization while saving you money and space. Instead of using up space onsite, your server environment will operate from one of our reliable data centers. As with all of our services, our VPS plans focus on flexibility. We’ll work with your business to build a hosting plan that meets your unique needs while maximizing cost savings.

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