IT Staffing And Augmentation

With our staff augmentation services, you’ll have access to our team of industry experts whenever and wherever you need them.

Strategic IT Staffing

With our staff augmentation services, our experts work for you, either onsite or remotely. We can provide anything from the necessary staff to complete a specific task to complete project outsourcing of your larger IT undertakings.

Our services allow you to access the IT staff you need on a moment’s notice without having to go through the hassles of the traditional hiring process. You can be confident that all our team members are ready to work for you so you don’t have to worry about interviewing or providing additional training and resources.

Is your business ready to pursue new growth opportunities without committing to full-time or permanent staff? We can scale our services as your needs change on a project or on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. When you work with VTG, you can be confident that our expert staff will become a natural extension of your team.

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Staff Augmentation Analysis

If you have a large project coming up, VTG can evaluate your existing team to determine where you might need an additional pair of hands. We’ll examine the strengths and weaknesses of your IT team in relation to your broader business objectives.

From there, we can determine the skill sets necessary to fill that void and build a plan to help you bring out the best in your team to ensure your business objectives are met. Whether you only need to fill a single temporary role or you need a larger staff augmentation team, VTG will help you determine the best course of action to meet your unique business needs.

ITStaffing AugmentationtPhoto Staff Augmentation Analysis

Advantages of Working With a Strategic Augmentation Plan

More companies are realizing the benefits of building a strategic augmentation plan with us, including:

  1. Reliability: We’ve taken care of the hiring process for you, so you can be confident that our team members possess the necessary skills and knowledge to maximize your team’s potential.
  2. Reduced costs: With staff augmentation, the overhead costs associated with hiring and training full-time, in-house employees is eliminated.
  3. Time maximization: Instead of using time and resources to hire in-house personnel, you can focus on breaking ground on the larger projects to ensure your business’s continued prosperity.
  4. Adaptability: When you partner with VTG, you’ll always have the flexibility to change direction at a moment’s notice as your needs and goals evolve.
  5. Refreshment: When our team members join forces with yours, we bring a fresh set of eyes to the problems and goals your team has been working on. With this renewed outlook, we have the focus and mindset to optimize solutions and bring your business to new levels of prosperity.

If your business is ready to start taking advantage of the benefits our staff augmentation services offer, contact us today!

ITStaffing AugmentationtPhoto Advantages of Working with a Strategic Augmentation Plan

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