Business Continuity

With VTG’s business continuity services, business disruptions due to network downtime and critical failures will be a thing of the past.

Turn Occasional Downtime Into Continuous Uptime

With a managed network security plan from VTG, you can leave critical downtime and costly business disruptions in the past. Our cellular failover service allows you to stay connected even when your primary internet line goes down. If your main internet connection goes down for whatever reason, we can automatically (or on-demand) switch your network over to a 3G/4G cellular connection for some or all of your services. We’ll even include the necessary hardware at no additional cost, so you can be confident that all critical business functions operating on your network are protected against downtime.

With VTG, you’ll only pay for what you use when you use it, and access to our industry-leading tech experts is included. There’s no monthly commitment on data usage, and as always, we’ll work with you to implement proactive cost controls to be certain that data usage remains within your budget.

60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster.

Contact VTG today so your business doesn’t become another statistic.

Our Back-in-Business Emergency Recovery Service

For the ultimate in risk management, we offer our Back-in-Business Emergency Recovery Service as a multitiered, turnkey business continuity plan. We’ve created our plan to focus on preventing data loss and expediting recovery strategies. We’re so confident in the system we’ll build for you that we stand behind it with a full money-back guarantee.

Equipment failure is inevitable. Aging hard drives can fail at any time, making data loss a very real possibility. Are you prepared?

Our BiB Emergency Recovery Service protects you with features such as:

Our recovery solutions will cover all of your data. In the event of data loss, we will be able to recover any of the files, folders, and images from the time of your last backup. Our data-archiving capabilities allow historical data to be saved for as long you may need it while meeting applicable compliance standards. We use the latest in encryption to provide data privacy so you can be sure that all confidential data is protected—and available at a moment’s notice.

We’ll take care of every step from installing the necessary hardware to implementing a disaster recovery plan. Your only cost is a minimal monthly fee. If you’re ready to take the next step toward protecting your mission-critical data, contact VTG today.

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