Network Infrastructure

With VTG’s network infrastructure offerings, we’ll guarantee that your physical network is always prepared to meet your virtual needs.

The Importance of Infrastructure Management

In an age when IT companies are moving away from offering real-world services, VTG is proud to offer our network infrastructure services to manage and maintain all of your critical network equipment.

Many businesses need the guaranteed security and reliability of an onsite network. If you are one of these businesses or if you’re not looking to move to the cloud anytime soon, you need to be sure you’re making the most of your onsite network infrastructure.

VTG’s managed infrastructure service can handle everything from the physical environment to traffic prioritization to ensure that your business-critical applications always have the necessary bandwidth.

Our team of infrastructure experts will help you reduce overhead and maintenance costs while maximizing your network’s efficiency. We’ll streamline your physical IT environment by procuring, managing, and maintaining network switches, gateways, routers, repeaters, and bridges that are optimized to work together.

Don’t understand the relationships between these components? That’s okay. We understand how each of these pieces is interconnected within your network, so you can focus on building the relationships your business needs to prosper.

NetworkInfrastructurePhoto The Importance of Infrastructure Management

When We Join Your Team

With VTG’s infrastructure management offering, we take the lead on managing the day-to-day operation of your network infrastructure. Our solution will maximize your onsite network’s security, including the installation of upgraded equipment, updates, and patches while optimizing Wi-Fi performance and reliability.

All of our network cabling services are done in house, so you don’t have to worry about reliability issues associated with subcontractors. We’ll design, install, and test all of your network cables for guaranteed performance and reliability.

If you already have a dedicated IT department, we can work with your team to lower overhead costs while taking your network performance to the next level. Our team can take on either a leadership role or a subordinate role depending on what you need.

We’ll leverage and manage our relationships with industry-leading vendors to guarantee you’re getting the best network devices at the best prices. We’ll manage purchasing, subscriptions, contracts, and licensing, so you can get back to focusing on your clients. As always, our industry-leading tech support will only be a phone call away, ready to address any of your questions or issues.

If you’re interested in how VTG can start managing your network infrastructure, contact us today!

NetworkInfrastructurePhoto When Our Team Joins Yours

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