Do You Know If You Are Prepared For A Cyberattack?

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The world of cybersecurity is in a constant race to keep up with the growing number of threats that we are facing every day. One of the most malicious forms of cyber intrusion is when you do not even know your systems have been infected. A threat can sit quietly in your network and corrupt your infrastructure damaging the integrity of your operations. By the time you see the signs of the danger, the nefarious piece of software could do some very costly damage.

So, then the challenge of protecting your information technology becomes about more than just locking down your security systems. Now, IT cybersecurity has been transformed to encompass detecting the early warning signs of threats, stopping them from gaining access to your critical infrastructure, and supporting your recovery should some piece of malicious code make it through your safety precautions.

Be Proactive About Stopping Cyberattacks

Thinking about a data breach or loss after it has happened is not going to do you or your business any good. You need to take early precautions with your computer systems to identify and close vulnerable access points before hackers take advantage of them. VTG is prepared to support this proactive perspective with services like 24/7 monitoring and support along with vulnerability testing.

Penetration and vulnerability testing will assess your security posture by scanning your network and systems for vulnerable points of entry. Once we’ve identified these soft spots, we can work together to create better security solutions for your systems and build a more secure posture for your safeguards. Tests and scans like these are one of the ways that we can help your organization stay ahead of the threats you might face.  

Take A Layered Approach To Cybersecurity

As much as technology has continued to evolve, no one has created that perfect ‘silver bullet’ security system. Every precaution and security program has its own strengths and weaknesses. That is why we recommend that you take a layered approach to construct your cybersecurity controls. Don’t just rely on one firewall or a single intrusion detection program to handle all of your cyberattacks all its own.

We believe in structuring your security so that every protection is supported by another and every weakness is covered by another’s strength. You can have peace of mind with a combination of services like 24/7 monitoring, vulnerability testing, data backups, disaster recovery (DR), and managed network security.       

Prepare For The Worst With Disaster Recovery

The malicious pieces of malware out there have continued to advance and grow along with the evolution of technology. We cannot always assume that our security precautions will be enough, even with a layered approach. Business continuity and disaster recovery plans are two separate strategies, but they both follow the same attitude of being prepared for the worst. In the event of a disaster, you need to know that your mission-critical systems are secure or available from a second location.

VTG will work with you to ensure that your critical business operations are protected by cloud services in a data center or other redundant disaster recovery plan options. Business continuity planning focuses on the survival of your company over the long-term. Disaster recovery services focus more on the initial response to natural disasters, data breaches, or other unexpected incidents. We can help you secure strategies for restoring communication and your day-to-day services with mobile options in case your usual location is inaccessible.

Feeling Secure With Virtual Technologies Group

This three-pronged plan of attack for your cybersecurity is just the starting point for the services you’ll receive from VTG. We are your single source for IT solutions, and we believe in looking at your services with a long-term perspective. We will support you with consistently reliable, cost-effective methods and practices. Our team is ready to build a relationship with you for the long haul and be there to help you build a brighter future for your organization.

To learn more about being prepared for a cyberattack and our other services, contact us today.

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