Cyber Security Infrastructure – What Do You Really Need?

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The cyber security strategies your organization employs can make a dramatic difference for your operation. If you aren’t closing vulnerabilities through a holistic solution that includes your physical infrastructure, software solutions, and best practices or training, your organization is at risk.

Cyber Security Affects Everything

Your cyber security strategy affects every piece of your organization, from how you do things currently to the problems you may or may not experience in the future. For instance, an inadequate set of best practices for your employees to follow can have disastrous consequences, leading to malware attacks and the hacking of your systems. Making changes to address this in advance will mean changing behavior, ensuring your infrastructure is set up in a way that will keep your company safe, and that you are using software tools like firewalls and antivirus programs that are up to par with modern threats.


One of the first things any managed cyber security provider is going to check is that you and your staff are using the most up-to-date versions of their operating system. It is important to know that Microsoft is soon ending support for Windows 7 and, while they are granting certain temporary exemptions, any organization still using Windows 7 will be at risk for cyber threats. An experienced IT provider can ensure your systems are protected with the most effective antivirus software available and will help guide you through the migration process to newer operating systems.


Are you currently leveraging a public or private cloud system? Or is all your data still stored in house on servers or otherwise? Depending on your current setup, you might be at risk from cyber threats or even natural disasters. With the right systems in place, disaster recovery and business continuity plans can put your mind at ease. Network security fits in here too, and creating a safe and secure network on your own is next to impossible.

Security Best Practices

Training, training, training. The front line of your organization’s security is your employees. With the right policies in place and the training to follow them, your employees can be a bulwark against most ransomware attacks and any common cyber threat. Without the right training in place, your front line might be your greatest vulnerability. 

How It All Comes Together

Cyber security is a multi-front, ongoing battle for your organization’s continued profitability. In that sense, working with an experienced provider of IT security solutions like Virtual Technologies Group can provide a substantial return on your investment. Downtime or data loss can be incredibly expensive, and building the right cyber security strategy is critical for continued success.

Holistic Cyber Security Services

Virtual Technologies Group has the expertise to find the unique combination of cyber security strategies that work best for your organization. Risk management is the name of the game, and it’s critical you work with an experienced provider. Connect with us today to find the current holes in your security strategy. We’ll work tirelessly to patch your systems and keep you secure!

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