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Whether you’re looking to build a new email platform from the ground up or you want to streamline your current system, VTG will help you take your email capabilities to the next level.

Hosted Email Solution

If your business is looking for a customized email solution that doesn’t tie up additional onsite space, VTG’s hosted email is the solution you need. We can build your business a personalized email platform that simplifies communication with your clients and employees while maximizing productivity.

Additional features of our hosted email service include:

We can also work with almost any existing platform you have to streamline performance and add other features. Your email system can be hosted on our own local servers, in one of our regional data centers, or through a third-party vendor’s servers. We specialize in securing sensitive data, so if you need the guarantee of additional security, we have the expertise to protect your email network. We’ll work with you to build a customized email solution that meets your unique business needs and takes care of the technicalities of email migration.

Is the hassle of email migration preventing you from upgrading your system?

VTG will seamlessly transition your old system to the new platform you need.

Migration to Office 365

If you want the benefits offered by the Office 365 platform but are worried about losing valuable data and documents during the transition, VTG provides several Microsoft-supported migration options, including:

With straightforward services, Office 365 offers the adaptability your business needs. You’ll be able to maintain your current email addresses and keep your business running on the go. No matter what system you’re currently operating with, VTG has the experience to build a customized solution so you can start maximizing your virtual office space with Office 365. To learn more about the Office 365 platform as a holistic productivity solution, click here.

If you’re interested in building an email solution optimized for your business, contact VTG today!

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