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Whether you need dedicated fiber, wireless broadband, or an extensive MPLS network, VTG’s mission is to find you the best service, price, and products for your internet needs.

The Reliability Your Business Deserves

Don’t have the time to search for the internet provider best matched to your needs? We have the established relationships and industry-leading experience to formulate an internet service plan customized for your business. VTG has strategically partnered with leading service providers across the country so that we can offer you a single point of contact for all of your internet needs.

Because we’re vendor agnostic, we can guarantee that you’ll be getting the best value in the industry paired with a reliable network you can depend on. Tell us what you need to accomplish, and we’ll build a network solution guaranteed to get it done. Whether that solution looks like dedicated fiber, wireless broadband, or an extensive MPLS network, our mission is to find you the best service, price, and products for your internet needs.

With IT software and services increasingly moving to the cloud, reliable internet service that maximizes your bandwidth potential has never been more essential for your business. If your business relies on cloud storage or an offsite backup solution, you need guaranteed internet connectivity. Our internet services offer built-in connectivity, backup, and network redundancies to keep your network up even when everyone else’s is down.

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Internet Backup Solutions

At VTG, we understand the stress and expense caused by network downtime. That’s why we’re continuously building solutions to make network downtime a problem of the past. If you need a solution to guarantee that your network stays up even when your main internet line goes down, our cellular failover service offers just that. If your standard internet line goes down for any reason, we can automatically—or on demand—switch your network over to a 3G/4G cellular connection for some or all of your business-critical applications. That way you’ll be able to turn occasional downtime into continuous uptime.

With VTG, you’ll only be charged for what you use when you use it, and access to our industry-leading technicians is included. There’s no required monthly commitment on data usage, and we will work with you to put proactive cost controls in place to make certain that data usage remains within your budget.

If you want to learn more about the full extent of our business continuity solutions, click here.

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