Serverless Computing

If your business requires on-demand, high-level server performance, the serverless revolution is what you’ve been waiting for.

Maximum Performance, Minimal Overhead

Interested in the efficiency offered by server virtualization but still concerned about the additional IT resources required? Serverless computing lets you build and run your applications without ever having to worry about a server or infrastructure management.

Going serverless means you’ll never need to be concerned about updating, maintaining, or managing your servers again. And you’ll no longer have to worry about the overhead costs of infrastructure, upgrades, and server maintenance holding your business back.

With serverless computing, you’ll be able to focus on building and managing the products and services your customers need. Load balancing ensures that you’ll always have additional bandwidth and memory when you need it.

Because you don’t pay for any performance upgrades until you need them, you’ll never overpay for resources you won’t end up using. Serverless computing scales up and down as your needs evolve to provide you with the powerful yet cost-effective server solution.


ServerlessComputingPhoto Maximum Performance Minimal Overhead

The Serverless Computing Solution

Serverless computing is an excellent solution for developers who want to focus on testing and producing great software without having to worry about procuring, maintaining, and updating servers. Going serverless is a great option if you’re looking to develop and test new applications that require intense on-demand server performance such as that needed for machine learning or event-driven processes.

With a serverless solution, you can let us worry about the intricacies of server management so you can focus on delivering the outstanding products and services your customers have come to expect. At the same time, your business will never be tied down by physical resources, allowing you maximum mobility and adaptability as you pursue new opportunities for growth.

ServerlessComputingPhoto The Serverless Computing Solution

Serverless Solution Consulting

If you’re interested in exploring how going serverless can bring your business new levels of prosperity, VTG offers consultations to explore your options and build a unique serverless roadmap tailored to your needs and budget.

VTG has the industry partnerships to make the most of your vendor connections while bringing your serverless vision to fruition. We’ll even manage these vendor relationships through our experience with contracting, implementation, and long-term support to make sure you’re getting everything you need.

At VTG, we understand that the first step is the most critical. Ready to take the first step toward making your vision a reality?  Contact us today so you can be confident you’re putting your best foot forward.

ServerlessComputingPhoto Serverless Solution Consulting

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