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We have the industry connections and experience you need to manage and maximize your cloud vendor contract.

The Public Cloud Vendor Advantage

Is your business ready to move to the cloud while getting the most out of your budget? As with all managed services, you need to ensure that the public cloud vendor you choose can offer the flexibility and privacy your business needs. VTG has multiple vendor relationships so we can shop around to ensure that you’re getting the best value in the industry. First, we create a unique cloud strategy with you to clarify and maximize your business’ cloud potential. We then leverage our industry connections while prioritizing your unique business needs to negotiate for a cloud storage solution that’s optimized for your business.

When you partner with VTG, you’ll have a single point of contact for all of your public cloud needs. We focus on building relationships with vendors, so you can focus on building relationships with your clients.

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Looking for a single point of contact that addresses all of your cloud needs?

VTG has the vendor relationships and experience to negotiate and manage your cloud contracts.

The Challenges of Cloud Vendor Management

Without a strategic plan to ascertain your precise cloud needs, you’ll quickly run into several challenges common when working with public cloud vendors.

First, you have to prioritize addressing your business’ security requirements. When you contract with a public cloud vendor, privacy and security terms are generally negotiable. We’ve found that businesses often contract with public cloud vendors whose security protocols do not align with their unique needs or compliance requirements. With VTG, we have experience negotiating these business-critical terms for you, so you won’t have to worry about running into security issues down the road.

The second challenge when working with public cloud vendors is integration. You need to ensure that your vendor’s cloud solution will integrate with the services your business already uses. VTG has the experience to know which cloud vendors are optimized for the systems your business already has in place. We’ll work with vendors to ensure that you don’t wind up with a cookie-cutter solution that ends up costing your business time and money in the long run.

Finally, pricing models for public cloud vendor management can look drastically different depending on your business’ needs. Not sure if you need subscription-based, transaction-based, or a longterm license agreement? VTG can break these options down for you so you can understand the benefits and limitations of each for your business.

With these challenges in mind, we’ll work with you to create a customized cloud vendor plan that balances your security needs and existing system requirements while simultaneously getting the most out of your budget.

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