Microsoft 365

By transitioning your applications to Microsoft 365, VTG accelerates your business’s productivity while sparking employee collaboration and cohesion.

The Microsoft 365 Advantage

Already using Microsoft Office for many of your business-critical applications? Take your productivity potential to the next level by migrating your current services to the Microsoft 365 platform. With Microsoft 365, your Microsoft-powered business platform will be protected against in-house system failures while allowing your employees the flexibility to access work applications from anywhere with an internet connection. Microsoft 365 combines the adaptability of the cloud with the reliability and simplicity of the Microsoft suite of services you already know.
Concerned about security? Microsoft 365 offers built-in security and continuous compliance to guarantee that your data will be safe on the cloud. If you ever lose a device, you’ll even be able to remotely wipe all data to prevent unauthorized access.
With Microsoft 365, your employees will be working with a platform they are already familiar with, minimizing the need for additional training. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote are all included as downloadable desktop applications that sync to the cloud as well as browser applications for quick access. Your emails, calendars, and contacts are all synchronized in real time, so you can keep your business life organized all in one place.
Microsoft 365 offers a simple, secure, and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to maximize collaboration, organization, and mobility. The flexible monthly billing options let your business scale services up and down as needs change. At the same time, upgrades and licenses are implemented on a company-wide basis, so all of your employees will be operating on the same, up-to-date platform at all times. With VTG on your team, you’ll have the experience and skills needed to seamlessly transition your business to the Microsoft 365 platform.

Over half of all businesses use a Microsoft 365 cloud service today.

Ready to give your employees the resources they need to prosper in today’s market? VTG can get you started on migrating to Microsoft 365 today.

Microsoft 365 Migration Services

If you want to start taking advantage of the benefits offered by the Microsoft 365 platform but are concerned about losing valuable emails and files during the transition, VTG offers a number of Microsoft-supported migration solutions, including:

  1. Cutover Migration – Cutover migration allows you to migrate emails, contacts, and events between Exchange servers over the course of several days. Although supporting migration for up to 2,000 mailboxes, the process works best with 150 or fewer users.
  2. Hybrid Migration – Hybrid migration allows your business to maintain both onsite and online Exchange servers and gradually migrate mailboxes over time.
  3. Staged Migration – Staged migration involves migrating users in batches over an extended period. Staged migration is generally best suited for businesses with a large number of users.
  4. IMAP Migration – If your business uses an email server other than an Exchange server, we can migrate emails using IMAP migration.
  5. Skype
  6. OneDrive
  7. SharePoint

While prioritizing simplicity, Microsoft 365 still offers the flexibility your business needs. You’ll be able to keep your current email addresses and your business running on the go. No matter what system you’re currently working with, VTG has the experience to build a customized solution so you can start maximizing your virtual office space with Microsoft 365.

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