Hybrid Cloud

VTG’s hybrid cloud offerings provide the best of private and public cloud infrastructures while maximizing your IT budget

The Hybrid Cloud Solution

Trying to decide whether the public or private cloud is a better fit for your business? Hybrid cloud computing offers the best of both by seamlessly integrating the two environments and allowing data, applications, and resources to be shared between the two.

As your network usage fluctuates, the hybrid cloud system adapts to provide supplemental bandwidth to match demand. While streamlining network performance by using the public cloud, operating on the private cloud offers the guaranteed security your sensitive data may require. At the same time, you’ll still be able to maintain a higher level of control over your system than you would be able to on a purely public cloud network.

The hybrid cloud environment maximizes network flexibility and security by balancing your computing resources while still remaining a cost-effective solution. Because the system adapts to your needs, you’ll only pay for the resources when you use them. Our solution eliminates the need to purchase expensive hardware that your network may only require occasionally.

With a hybrid cloud platform, your business can start taking advantage of the performance and reliability of the public cloud with the additional security of the private cloud. As always, VTG will take the time to understand your business’s needs in order to build a fully customized hybrid cloud architecture that maximizes your network potential.

HybridCloudPhoto The Hybrid Cloud Solution

Is Your Business Ready for the Hybrid Cloud?

Many local businesses believe that they are too small to take advantage of our cloud services. In our experience, we have found that there is no such thing as being too small for cloud computing. We’ve provided businesses of all sizes with customized cloud solutions that take them to new levels of prosperity. Whether your business is made up of 1 employee or 100,000 employees, you can begin to reap the benefits of operating on the cloud.

If you’re looking to maximize your network’s security and flexibility while saving money and resources, a move toward the hybrid cloud may be the solution your business needs. To read more about some of the other benefits cloud computing can offer your business, click here.

VTG’s experts have seen just about everything, so we can adapt to customize a cloud-based roadmap to ensure your business is prepared for tomorrow.

HybridCloudPhoto Is Your Business Ready for the Hybrid Cloud

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