Hosted Private Cloud

If your business is ready to make the move to the cloud while prioritizing security, VTG’s data center has the local, customized private cloud hosting solutions you’re looking for.

Private Cloud Services

The move toward cloud computing has become essential for businesses that prioritize adaptability, collaboration, and security. As cloud services evolve, it can be difficult for businesses to understand which cloud services are best suited to their needs.

If your business is looking to maximize security and control while making the most of cloud capabilities, our hosted private cloud services prioritize these concerns. We can seamlessly transition your current network environment onto dedicated servers in one of our local data centers. You’ll still have all the control and flexibility you need without the hassle of server maintenance.

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The Private vs. Public Cloud

Wondering about the differences between the private and public cloud? On the public cloud, your business has very little control over how your data is managed and stored. You simply entrust your data to a provider and let them take care of the rest. The public cloud simplifies the storage of your data, making it the most cost-effective solution, but working on the public cloud can potentially open doors to security threats. While breaches on the public cloud are rare, they are much easier to mitigate on the private cloud.

Our hosted private cloud solution allows your network to reside on dedicated servers in one of our data centers, providing the additional security your business may need while still maximizing flexibility and mobility. Some businesses want the increased security and control offered on the private cloud but are intimidated by the additional resources dedicated data centers require. VTG can provide a fully managed solution to take care of all the requisite management, maintenance, and updating of the data center so you don’t have to. Your data is guaranteed to be secure while maximizing your potential on the cloud.

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The VTG Security Advantage

If you want to take advantage of the capabilities the cloud has to offer but your business deals with highly sensitive information, VTG has the expertise to provide you with the additional protection you need to secure your data.

We specialize in building HIPAA- and FINRA-compliant encryption systems to guarantee your data remains secure from the point of transmission to when it’s stored in our data centers. Our data centers are biometrically secured to ensure the physical security of your network as well.

Contact us today if you want to learn more about how we can guarantee the security of your sensitive data on the cloud.

HostedPrivateCloudPhoto The VTG Security Advantage

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