Cloud Versus On-Premises Cybersecurity – Pros and Cons

Cloud vs. On Premises IT Security

From video surveillance to facility and system access, there are solutions available today that simply weren’t possible for organizations only a few years ago. But the security landscape is still fraught with danger, so it’s critical to find the right solution for your particular facility.

Cloud Security vs. Traditional Security

In the old days, a simple key was sufficient to lock the front door of your business when the day was over. Since then, security has changed quite a bit to adapt to growing and more complex threats. 

Today, traditional security involves a local solution that includes video surveillance, physical security, and facility access tools that are managed either on premises or through a managed security provider. 

Strategies have evolved to bring the power of the cloud to physical and IT security, however. These strategies include powerful tools and services that would otherwise be too expensive or even impossible for a local provider to offer.

Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages, and here we’ll break down your options so that you can make the best decision for your organization.

Cloud Pros and Cons


Better Equipped: Cloud-based IT and security tools, like Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, are backed by powerful companies that have vast resources to invest in their security services. It is unlikely that a local provider will be able to boast that they have the same or better services than a solution designed by Microsoft or Amazon.

Flexible Features: Along with having extensive product offerings, AWS, Azure, and other products have an ability to scale with your organization as your needs change. If you grow into a new or larger facility or simply want to upgrade your suite of services, it will be simpler to do so through the cloud.


Less Than Personal: As with many other industries, working with a large provider tends to skew away from the personalized services that you can get from a local firm. When you call for support, you will most likely get an automated system or a different person on the phone every time. 

On-Premises Pros and Cons


Physical Control: A local security solution has the advantage of physical security fixes whenever necessary. When you work with a local provider or in-house security team, your surveillance and other security systems will be continually monitored, and if there’s ever a problem, you can get a more rapid response to fix your issue.

Persoal Support: Getting to know who exactly is handling your facility’s security can bring a level of peace of mind that can’t be matched by a faraway solution, no matter how powerful it is. With a local or in-house security team managing your systems, you will get a better sense that they are personally invested in the safety of your systems, property, and especially your staff.


Less Flexibility: Fewer resources comes with a decreased ability to scale, to offer new features on a regular basis, and generally to adapt to your changing business environment. A large provider will be better equipped to handle evolving compliance requirements and will quickly be able to adapt your systems with features and services that you need in the future. This is not to say that a local provider can’t adapt too, but AWS and Azure are regularly developing new, better solutions to both physical threats and cyberthreats.

It’s important to know the differences between cloud and traditional security strategies. Virtual Technologies Group can help implement the right solution for your business.

A Hybrid Traditional–Cloud Security Solution

Fortunately, no organization needs to take an either/or approach to security. An experienced firm can implement a hybrid solution that takes advantage of both on-premises IT security and cloud technologies. The flexibility of the cloud with the local support of a dedicated team can combine to make your business a security stronghold that your staff, clients, and investors can trust. Best of all is that a hybrid solution allows you to custom tailor your services to meet the specific needs of your organization.

You Need a Team of Experts

Virtual Technologies Group has a rich level of experience in mitigating the differences between on-premises versus cloud IT security. In fact, our services include cybersecurity, video surveillance, and physical solutions that are all integrated so that the distinction between these two strategies is eliminated. All you need to think about is running your business. We’ll handle the security. 

Contact VTG today to learn more about our options for your business!

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