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IT problems happen every day. We are experts at solving these problems for you so you can focus on your business and not your IT issues.

Tech Optimized for Education

Problem: Your school is ready to optimize the student learning experience with the latest technology but you don’t know where to begin.

Solution: VTG has experience working with schools to implement everything from Educational State Testing systems to building holistic laptop programs for every student. If you want to integrate technology into the learning experience but aren’t certain which option best suits your needs, we can simplify the process with tested, innovative laptop and desktop solutions that prioritize productivity, collaboration, and security.

We’ll even handle the network side of your operations with advanced infrastructure and traffic management tools. You know what your students need, so we work with you to create a tech solution that meets those needs. Concerned about cost? We can work with any budget to ensure your students have access to the technology that’s necessary to succeed in today’s world.

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Regulatory Compliance

Problem: Your business operates in a HIPAA- or FINRA-regulated industry and you want to ensure the compliance of your network systems.

Solution: As technology grows increasingly complex, so do the laws regulating it. That’s why you need an expert who understands the technical aspects of these regulations. VTG has the experience to build you a network optimized for your business operations while encouraging regulatory compliance. If you already have a system in place and want an outside evaluation of your compliance standards, we offer consultations to ensure your client data stays confidential.

Learn more about our compliance services.

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Disaster Protection

Problem: Your business-critical data has been lost or compromised by a disaster in the past and you want to prevent it from happening again.

Solution: VTG specializes in building solutions that reduce the chance of a disaster affecting your system—while being prepared to respond quickly if it does. Our mission is to turn the inevitability of disaster into opportunities for growth.

Read more about how VTG mitigates the chance of disaster or learn about what we do when disaster strikes.

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Security Assurance

Problem: Crime is costing your business money and you need to step your security assets up a notch.

Solution: At VTG, we are experts in both physical and cyber asset protection. We’ll build a security solution tailored to your industry-specific threats, so you’re always protected.

Read about the array of video surveillance solutions we offer or learn more about the suite of cyber security services we provide.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems and you’re ready for VTG to start creating a solution customized for your unique needs, contact us today!

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