With IT software and services continuously shifting to the cloud, dependable internet service with increased bandwidth has never been more important for organizations.  Finding the right solution and provider that is the most efficient and affordable can be time consuming.  We’ve strategically partnered with leading service providers across the country to offer customers a single point of contact with established relationships and an understanding of the industry.  Whether it’s dedicated fiber, wireless broadband or an extensive MPLS network our mission is finding the best service, price and final product for any location.


Stay connected, even if your main internet line goes down! 
VTG also recognizes the stress and potential cost downtime can have on an organization.  With this in mind, we also offer our cellular failover service – If your standard internet line goes down for whatever reason we can automatically (or on demand) switch you over to a 3G/4G cellular connection for some or all of your services making zero downtime for critical applications a real possibility.
**Standard cellular data usage rates will apply.


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