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Enterprise-level connectivity and service that’s fast, reliable, versatile, and cost-efficient.

As an AT&T Partner Exchange Solution Provider, Virtual Technologies Group (VTG) offers forward-thinking companies the enterprise-level telecom services they need to stay competitive, connected, and productive at all times.

AT&T MPLS Private Network Transport – A virtual private network (VPN) provides fast, direct, and secure access to your voice, video and data applications across locations and between cloud providers.
AT&T Internet Access – High speed and high reliability on the trusted AT&T broadband network. Transmit large files and rich media with ease and run your VoIP system for far cheaper than T1-based services.
AT&T Wireless/Mobility – VTG’s cellular failover service ensures zero downtime if your standard internet line goes down.
AT&T Switched Ethernet – Fast, versatile service that carries your critical data and demanding applications without hesitation.

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